Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Language of the Heart: True Communication

Language of the Heart: True Communication 
~ Gwilda Wiyaka ~
How strange. Often, the more articulate we become, the less we understand and are understood by those we love. Could it be because words are the language of the mind and therefore are not well designed to communicate matters of the heart?
A great demonstration of the limitations of the spoken word is the game, “Telephone.” In this game, a group of people line up and pass a whispered message to the person next to them. By the time the last person in the line receives and speaks the message, it is nothing like the original statement.

While, in the game, the distortion of the message is seen as comical, it can prove disastrous in interpersonal relationships. Everyone receives and interprets language through their filters of past experience, issues and fears. How can we bridge the gap between spoken language and emotional connection? How can we once again connect heart to heart? Do we indeed say it best when we say nothing at all?

With us this hour to explore a more heart centered approach to therapy is Philip DeLuca, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Phil has developed a new approach to communication and conflict resolution. His premise: the "Express Yourself!" and "Talk it through!" current communication approaches destroy both love and health. Phil offers an alternative approach that works where he sees current approaches failing. He has spent over 40 years and tested his approach on over 40,000 problem situations.
His website: gobeyondthearpy.com


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