Wednesday, September 5, 2018

The Courage to Wake Up

The Courage to Wake Up
~ Gwilda Wiyaka ~
We can’t hope to evolve into our future potential without looking at the truth of the present. Yet waking up to the truth takes courage. With climate change, loss of species, and current lifestyles environmentally unsustainable, our present circumstances can be painful to face.
Illusions are dying as the naked truth emerges. We have been a pushy species. Through artificial means, we have pushed the soil to produce more food, the animals to produce more milk, and meat, the ocean to give more fish, and so on. We have pushed so hard and so long, we’ve pushed ourselves right out of the circle of life to the point that life may no longer be able to sustain us.
The tide of change is upon us. Clearly, we need to look at the present circumstance and use what has not worked as a model for evolving into a better way of being. But where can we find guidance when all the rules are shifting? What will sustain us as we weather planetary change? How can we find the integrity to assist a process that may virtually destroy our old way of being?

Our guest this hour has spent much time contemplating the situation and hopefully will have some guidance for us. Kathleen Dean Moore is a philosopher and climate activist, the author or coeditor of a dozen books, including “Riverwalking,” “Holdfast,” and “Wild Comfort.” Until recently a Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at Oregon State University, her concern for the reeling world led her to leave the university in order to speak out and write about climate action. Her new books are “Moral Ground,” “Great Tide Rising,” and “Piano Tide,” a novel.
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