Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Dying to Live: Near-Death Experience

Dying to Live: Near-Death Experience
~ Gwilda Wiyaka ~
Increasingly, modern science is discovering how much our beliefs, perspectives and even concepts of reality are stored in our physical bodies. There is evidence that much of our perception is passed on to us from ancestors – locked in the DNA.  
Many indigenous cultures trained their shaman and mystics by subjecting them to extremely harsh, and often life threatening, initiations. This practice was designed to cause dissociation, leaving their physical bodies and all the programing held there in order to gain a more comprehensive perspective of life.

Is there indeed life after death? What are we without our bodies? What can we learn by not being subject to the body’s programing? Most importantly, can we gain this knowledge and expanded perspective without brutal initiations or a Near-Death Experience?

With us this hour, to share new perspectives he has uncovered through Near-Death Experience, is a gentleman I have had the pleasure of interviewing before, Robert Kopecky. Robert is the author of "How to Get to Heaven (Without Really Dying)"and "How to Survive Life (and Death)."  His extensive global journeys were punctuated by three very different, dramatic Near-Death Experiences. These eventually led him to years of study, meditation, service and the transpersonal realization of life that inspired him to write and teach about spiritual lessons he learned the hard way.    
His website: www.robertkopecky.com,  


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