Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Energy Alchemy and Evolution of Spirit

Energy Alchemy and Evolution of Spirit
~Gwilda Wiyaka ~
As we embrace the rising frequencies of the Aquarian Age, one of the limiting factors is that, somewhere along the way, we lost our energy awareness. Humans have become hopelessly enamored of and absorbed in the physical aspects of life. That is not to say that physicality is bad or unimportant, for it is the physical that anchors us to this reality. It is simply far from the whole picture.
Where would modern science be without the instrumentation that allows us to perceive far beyond the five human senses? While we can’t see a virus or an atom with the naked eye, we still believe they exist because science tells us they do. Yet only too often, we deny the existence of the more refined energetic or spiritual aspects of life.
Everything expresses according to frequency, but we have lost the ability to interact with our energetic aspects, except unconsciously. Without the ability to consciously interact with our personal frequency, we are unable to keep it in balance. We are also prone to misusing it.
This has not always been the case. Every society worldwide used to rely on frequency masters to help them maintain health and well-being. Today we refer to these masters as shaman, and have invalidated their skills as superstition and slight-of-hand. How ironic that we now find ourselves in desperate need of the very skills shaman have employed for 50 to 60,000 years.

With us this hour to explore the mysterious land of energy management is Meg Beeler, author of “Weave the Heart of the Universe into Your Life: Aligning with Cosmic Energy.” Meg is a Shamanic Guide and Spiritual Mentor who offers training, guidance, and ceremony for healing soul and spirit, moving energy, and finding luminous presence. She is a lifelong explorer of shamanic, animist, and meditative consciousness, and has studied Andean mysticism extensively with the Q’ero. She is the creator of Energy Alchemy and the online Earth Caretakers Wisdom School.
Her website: megbeeler.com

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