Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Freedom to Live Your Dreams

Freedom to Live Your Dreams
~ Gwilda Wiyaka ~
Freedom is an interesting concept. It would appear we are rarely able to do as we please, just for the sake of doing it. We feel restricted by everything from governments and taxes to the expectation of others, family responsibilities and the demands of our jobs.
While we think we are bound by external circumstance, this is an illusion. The true shackles come from within – we are our own jailers.
How can we free ourselves from the wardens within? What will it take to see through the illusion? What holds the illusion in place and who does it serve? How can we make peace with ourselves and therefore life itself?

Our guest this hour, Dr. Dravon James, is an inspirational speaker and author of “Freedom is Your Birthright.” She is the founder of Everyday Peace, a platform to help and inspire others to build the life of their dreams. Using her successful pharmacist skills, she brings light into other’s lives by sharing her Everyday Peace message.
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