Tuesday, December 10, 2019

~ Gwilda Wiyaka ~
The possibility of extraterrestrial life is a major a human fascination. We have all heard about Roswell, Area 51, UFO’s, ET abductions and visitations from Star Beings.”
Yet this fascination is not new.
In the ancient Hopi Kachina dances, each dancer was reputed to enter a trance and serve as a surrogate to a corresponding Star Being. Through the surrogate the Star Being was able to provide information and energetic transmissions for the members of the tribe.
The Lakota and many other native tribes believe they came from the stars. There are also Celtic legends of the Irish having extraterrestrial origins. Rights and ceremonies designed to access Star Beings, gain spiritual information and energetic transmissions have long been practiced across many cultures.
We are now entering a crucial time in human evolution and are deeply in need of spiritual guidance. Do ETs really exist and if so, can we also access extraterrestrial sources to light our way?

With us this hour  to explore this fascinating topic is Richard Lawrence. Richard is a spiritual teacher; international bestselling author of twelve books; Executive Secretary of The Aetherius Society for Europe, and a close disciple and friend of yoga master Dr George King, who passed on over 20 years ago. Richard has made thousands of radio and TV appearances around the world, and written hundreds of newspaper and magazine articles. He was a former columnist of The Observer national newspaper UK and co-presenter on national radio station LBC.

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