Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Shamanism and Qabalah as Evolutionary Tools

Shamanism and Qabalah as Evolutionary Tools
~ Gwilda Wiyaka ~
Many of us are looking for the truth. Yet like everything during the lower frequency times, truth became a limited, polarized thing – is or isn’t, true or false, black or white, with a vast, unaddressed gray area in between. Higher frequency, by its very nature, is starting to fill in the gaps between the polarities – changing the way we can conceive of truth.
As we are confronted with embracing a more unified reality, it is proving very useful to compare divergent practices to find what they have in common. For in this commonality, a larger, more unified truth can emerge.
Our guest this hour has spent time studying two very different practices; Shamanism and the Qabalah. Daniel Moler is the author of numerous books, including “Shamanic Qabalah: A Mystical Path to Uniting the Tree of Life & the Great Work.” Daniel is an artist, educator, and esoteric consultant. Formerly an adjunct professor, he has extended his teaching, which includes professional training and independent academia, to other areas of life. Daniel is also a sanctioned teacher of Peruvian shamanism. Trained in multiple spiritual disciplines, Daniel uses the art of shamanic healing to help others during times of transition and transformation.
His Website: Daniel-moler-web.com

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