Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Male Female Balance: A Key to Evolution

Male Female Balance: A Key to Evolution
~ Gwilda Wiyaka ~
The differences, and potential synergy, amongst men and women is a fascinating topic. When men and women honor their differences, blending their skills and viewpoints, true magic happens. The same is true of the male/female balance and co-operation within each individual.

As we move into an age supporting unity, never has it been more important to find the balance between the genders, within and without, in order to embrace our potential as individuals and as a race.

Yet, we are currently far from that balance, and some of the inequities are quite surprising. In past years, there has been much attention on women’s equal rights, and strides have been made in that direction.

As the pendulum swings from polarization against female equality, we now find ourselves unwittingly polarized against male equality. Some laws actually put our men at an extreme disadvantage, in a position to be exploited and abused with no recourse.

With us this hour to help unearth the hidden inequity, and explore male/female balance and synergy, is the author of “Daughters of Feminism,” David Shackleton. David is a thinker and writer on gender and psychological growth. He served as editor and publisher of Canada’s gender equalism magazine, “Everyman: A Men’s Journal.” David has also organized annual conferences across Canada. His original models of gender co-dependence and psychological growth have formed the foundation of numerous self-discovery workshops and events.
His website: gender-healing.com

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