Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Shadow Dancing: Evolving Into Wholeness

Shadow Dancing: Evolving Into Wholeness
~ Gwilda Wiyaka ~
We all live with challenges. It seems to be universal. Life dishes out bumps and bruises to all of us. When we are overwhelmed, we often disconnect from the part of ourselves that, at the time, can’t cope in order to go on. These abandoned parts comprise our shadow, or forgotten self, that we avoid at all cost in order to protect ourselves from reinjury. Yet within this shadow lies our greatest gifts – gifts that can not only be reclaimed, but are much enhanced for having been impacted and healed from the original, seemingly negative, experience.
How do we uncover and integrate our shadow in order to find the treasures therein? Can embracing our shadow support us on our evolutionary path?
With us this hour to investigate the shadow is Abdi Assadii. Abdi is the author ofShadows on the Path,” a spiritual counselor and acupuncturist in his 33rd year of clinical practice in NYC. His work centers on helping his clients use their disease and dysfunction as a doorway to spiritual serenity. He believes that identifying and integrating the human shadow – those disowned or repressed puzzle pieces of the self that wreak havoc in our lives – offers the most lasting healing for what ails us in body, mind, and spirit. He has studied Chinese, Japanese, and Vietnamese acupuncture, body centered psychotherapy, martial arts, shamanic practices, and diverse meditative techniques.
His website: Abdi

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