Tuesday, May 1, 2018

 Fine Tuning the Evolving Body
~ Gwilda Wiyaka ~
As we move ever further into the Aquarian age and the corresponding high frequency area of the galaxy, we are exposed to increasing bandwidths of light. Our chakra system is responsible for translating light into useful information and personal power.
Each of our chakras is anchored in a physical endocrine gland. It is at this point – the juncture between the electromagnetic chakras and the physical endocrine glands – that spiritual information is channeled into the physical plane.
It would stand to reason that our ability to access the increasing frequencies in order to evolve is dependent on the balance of our chakras that regulate our light bodies, and the balance of our endocrine glands that produce the hormones regulating our physical bodies.
Therein lies a major problem. Most of us are in some state of hormonal imbalance.
What causes hormonal imbalance? How can we tell if our hormones are out of balance? How can we correct the imbalance in order to evolve?

Our guest this hour may very well offer some valuable information on the topic. Marcelle Pick addresses healthcare through an integrative approach. She is co-founder of the renowned WOMEN TO WOMEN HEALTHCARE CENTER and one of the first to be certified as a Functional Medicine practitioner. She holds a BS in Nursing from the University of New Hampshire, and an MS in Nursing from Boston College – Harvard Medical School. Marcelle is the author of several books, including:  “The Core Balance Diet,” “Is It Me or My Hormones” and “Is It Me or My Adrenals?” 
Her website: Marcelle-pick.com

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