Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Reframing Fear of COVID-19

Reframing Fear of COVID-19
~Gwilda Wiyaka ~
One thing all life-threatening diseases have in common is the fear factor. Be it cancer, AIDS or COVID-19, the moment we are diagnosed with one of them, the tendency is to go into fear, catastrophize and envision the grim reaper shadowing our future. We may be able to pull ourselves out of the terror and deal, but fear dogs us like a stalking beast, ready to take us down without warning.
Not only is fear unpleasant to deal with, but it puts us into the survival brain. When in the survival mode of fight or flight, we don’t have access to higher thought, logic, compassion or spirituality. Not only is this stressful on the body, it drops our overall frequency, compromising the immune system. It renders us incapable of making sound decisions, none of which is conducive to healing.
Is there a way to reframe our concept of life threatening diseases? Can we find gratitude for the lessons, thus switching us back into the front brain where logic, grounding and spirituality reside?

With us this hour to share “Why Cancer Taught Her to Not Fear Coronavirus” is Kari E. Gray. Kari is the author of “How Cancer Saved My Life and How It Saves Yours Too.” She is CEO and Founder of AlternaCare, a 501c(3) nonprofit whose mission is reinventing health, healthcare, and health insurance holistically. As a three-decade terminal cancer conqueror, Kari has distilled healthcare reform into 6 pillars for change. Launching her vision as a 2020 membership community, AlternaCare is Kari’s 'pay it forward' humanitarian project by bringing holistic, organic answers to people who want sustainable results.
Her website: alternacare.org

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