Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Evolving DNA

Evolving DNA
~ Gwilda Wiyaka ~
In times past, DNA was considered to be a set thing. You got what you got and expressed accordingly. Now, science is uncovering evidence that DNA is much more malleable than formerly thought. There is even indication that the trauma of our ancestors is imprinted and passed on through DNA. If this is indeed true, after millennia of passed down trauma, how much of what we express is ancestral damage rather than true expression? Is there a way to reverse the process of storing trauma in the DNA – a way to heal ancestral damage?
Another interesting concept is what has been referred to as “junk” DNA. Nature doesn’t make junk. Everything is purposeful and precise. So, what is the DNA we refer to as junk? What if it is from a former time when we were passing through a higher frequency portion of the galaxy? What if it has been dormant, simply waiting for the expanding light of our times to wake it up? What evolutionary effect could result from healing ancestral trauma and activating dormant DNA?

With us this hour to explore these possibilities is Jean Adrienne, the creator of InnerSpeak - a method for clearing ancestral and past life blocks. She’s the author of four books and two decks of clearing and activation cards. Her latest book: “Reconnecting Soul Guidebook to the 142 DNA Activation Card Deck.”
Jean has a BA in psychology from Florida State University, and completed the University of the South’s four-year Education For Ministry program. She teaches and speaks internationally. 
Her website: JeanAdrienne.com

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