Friday, August 10, 2018

Toxicity: A Major Block to Evolution

Toxicity: A Major Block to Evolution
~ Gwilda Wiyaka ~
Spiritual evolution is dependent upon a number of factors – all relating to frequency. The first factor is the ambient frequency bathing the planet from galactic influences. Ambient frequency varies according to where we are in our astrological and astronomical cycles, and our relative positioning in the galaxy.

According to Russian scientist Dr. Demitriev, we are currently in an area of the galaxy containing highly charged particles. These particles are bombarding the leading edge of the sun’s heliosphere, causing more plasma to form. The increase of plasma is bathing interplanetary space with more luminosity, thus raising the ambient frequency. This offers us a unique opportunity to evolve.

The next factor is the human’s ability to channel these frequencies through their system in order to take advantage of the opportunity, and evolve to a more enlightened state. This must take place on all four levels; physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. The greatest block to channeling frequency is toxicity on all four of these levels.

Physically, we have become very toxic, due to the increasingly polluted environment. Our emotions have become bogged down with blocked, unprocessed feelings. Our mental capacity is compromised with false or limiting beliefs, and our spiritual realm has become disconnected due inability on the other three levels to channel the frequency needed in order to connect us to all that is.

With us this episode, to address physical toxicity and what can be done about it, is Dr. Joseph Pizzorno. Dr. Pizzorno is a world leading authority on science-based natural medicine, a term he coined in 1978 as founding president of Bastyr University. A naturopathic physician, educator, researcher and expert spokesman, he is Editor-in-Chief of PubMed-indexed IMCJ, Treasurer of the Board of IFM, board member of American Herbal Pharmacopeia, and a member of the science boards of the Hecht Foundation, Gateway for Cancer Research and Bioclinic Naturals. Author or co-author of 5 textbooks and 7 consumer books including the “Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine” and
“The Toxin Solution,” he has been an intellectual, political and academic leader in medicine for 4 decades.
His website:

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