Wednesday, August 22, 2018

The Evolutionary Power of Forgiveness

The Evolutionary Power of Forgiveness
~ Gwilda Wiyaka ~
If there is one thing that will stop personal and collective spiritual evolution in its tracks, it’s the low frequency of guilt. Guilt has been propagated on all of us and is used to control the masses. In order to evolve or be successful, we need to be able to access and follow our intuition, inner promptings and knowing, rather than being directed by other through guilt.

Yet guilt is only part of the equation. A larger problem is the lack of two very necessary transformative ingredients – gratitude and forgiveness. Therein lies a tangled weave.

Gratitude cannot be embraced in the lack of forgiveness. Forgiveness of other cannot be obtained in the lack of forgiveness of self. Guilt thrives in the atmosphere of an ungrateful, unforgiving heart, while love languishes.

It’s virtually impossible to manifest anything, much less spiritual evolution, in the low frequency soup of ungratefulness, guilt and non-forgiveness. At the same time, this disabling mix is deeply conditioned into us all.

How can we find gratitude and forgiveness? What will it take to be free of the guilt that binds us to the status quo, in order to evolve into the glory of our full potential?

With us this hour to explore forgiveness, gratitude and manifestation is May McCarthy. May is the author of “The Gratitude Formula” and “The Path to Wealth” She is CEO of Bizzultz, a 34+ year serial entrepreneur, angel investor, author, and philanthropist.
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