Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Evolving Into the Divine Self

Evolving Into the Divine Self
~ Gwilda Wiyaka ~
In our modern day, mind centered society, we have come to be identified with what we think, how much we know and how many letters we have behind our name. Yet those are things that we accumulate with the mind after we incarnate, while the heart and spirit languish.

We may be rich in knowledge, but knowledge is a closed system. It is passed down from “authority” to “authority” and dictated by dogmatic, common denominator belief systems, leaving us virtually lacking wisdom, compassion and inspiration.
In order to recognize the limitation of knowledge based living, one only needs to look around at the condition of the world.

If we are to evolve beyond this sad state of affairs before we destroy the planet and everything on her, we will need to dust off our other skills. The ones we came with and promptly forgot – our divine self; full of love, compassion, inspiration, and capable of enlightenment.

How do we access the true essence of our being? Can we integrate heart centered thinking into daily life? What wisdom is available when we embrace our spiritual side? Once we access our divinity, what are we truly capable of?

With us this hour to delve into these poignant and vital questions is Marilyn Decalo, author of “Seeing With The Heart: A Guided Inspiration Journal.” Marilyn is a transpersonal therapist and intuitive coach, trained hypnotherapist, Reiki Master and Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner. She writes, speaks and counsels humanity about how to awaken to their unique spark of divinity, and integrate spiritual consciousness into daily life experience. 
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  2. Gwilda,
    Thank you for a wonderful conversation about living as we are meant to - connected with the love, joy and compassionate wisdom of the divine self! I appreciate the work you are doing to bring inspiring and uplifting information to the world. It is through our awakening to and integration of our spiritual essence that we experience the full majesty of the divine human. For anyone who is awakening to the spiritual self, there can be moments of confusion and even questioning if it is real. It is most definitely real: and there is no reason that we cannot live here and now as our most fulfilled version of ourselves. It is my passion to work with anyone who is walking this path and would like some support to keep going.
    Reach out to me -
    Thank you again.


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