Tuesday, May 15, 2018

The Shock Factor: Evolutionary Challenges of our Time
~ Gwilda Wiyaka ~

To say our circumstance has changed since the era of hunter-gatherers is a gross understatement. The drastic shift from tribal existence to modern society has its upside and downside.
While our industrialized and technological society offers convenience and comfort, it has also created a fast moving, stress filled existence.
Most of us are unaware of the shock we endure on a daily basis, its cumulative and generational effect, and the overall impact on our health and wellbeing.
Though we no longer have to worry about being eaten by a sabretooth tiger, our modern day lifestyle and rapid evolution is posing some unique problems and challenges.
What is the cumulative effect of today’s stressful lifestyle? How is it impacting our health? Do we actually pass trauma and shock down through the generations? Is there a way to reverse the effect?

With us this episode to explore this very complex and impactful topic is Dr. Stephanie Mines, author of “We Are All in Shock, New Frontiers in Sensory Integration” and “They Were Families: How War Comes Home,”  is a neuropsychologist whose unique understanding comes from academic research as well as extensive work in the field. Her stories of personal transformation have led many listeners to become deeply committed to the healing journey. Dr. Mines understands shock from every conceivable perspective. She has investigated it as a survivor, a professional, a healthcare provider, and in the process of training institutional staffs and agencies.
Her website: tara-approach.org 

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