Monday, May 28, 2018


The concept of a #newage has been around since the late 19th century, yet much of its original meaning has been lost.

#Myths, #legends, #prophecies and #shamanic teachings across the globe have pointed to the time in which we are currently living as one of great #transformation and strife – a time when old ways and systems fail, and a new order, or age, begins.

There has been much misinterpretation, hype, and hysteria as to what this really means. Many belief systems have appeared, ranging from: the end of the physical world, massive solar flares destroying all technology, a gigantic asteroid blowing us to bits, aliens landing and taking us away, reptiles taking over the world, to Jesus riding in on a cloud to gather the devout, leaving the sinners to perish. The list goes on, but suffice it to say, what is needed is the voice of reason within all the misinformation, illogic and chaos currently swirling around us.

What exactly is the new age? Is it a religion? A collection of obscure esoteric practices? A series of doomsday predictions, or an astrological event?  

There is no denying we are in times of #transformation. As with all things in transition from one system to another, there is a period of chaos as the old way disintegrates, freeing the constituent parts to form the new.

The New Age Chronicles is a unique, complimentary publication, bringing reason and grounded information to separate fact from fiction. Chock full of valuable information to support you as we make the monumental shift into the #newera, you won’t want to miss a single innovative issue.  The New Age Chronicles Newspaper is here now at

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